Similar Titles
  • Farm Manager.
  • Climate Research Farm Manager.
  • Farmer Market Vendor.
  • Assistant Farm Manager.
  • Farmer
  • Agricultural Production Manager
  • Crop Production Manager
  • Livestock Production Manager
  • Ranch Manager
  • Farm Operations Manager
  • Field Operations Manager
  • Farm Supervisor
  • Agribusiness Manager
  • Farm Director
Job Description

Production Managers work in a variety of settings within agriculture including animal production, seed and chemical production, and the food sector.  They are responsible for overseeing day to day activities as they relate to the successful production of the product the company produces. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Prepare and administer work orders
  • Schedule production crew assignments
  • Ensure work orders are completed on time and within budget
  • Ensure that the production crew is trained and in compliance with federal, state, and company regulations to ensure work is completed in a safe manner and to avoid work-related accidents
  • Ensure production crew is trained on proper use and handling of chemicals
Technology Skills
  • Accounting software — AgData Blue Skies Accounting; Datatech The Farmer's Office; Specialized Data Systems Ultra Farm; Vertical Solutions Easy-Farm Accounting
  • Data base user interface and query software — Ag Leader Technology SMS Advanced; Cattlesoft CattleMax; Microsoft Access Hot technology; Trimble Farm Works
  • Enterprise resource planning ERP software Hot technology — Innovative Software Solutions Picas; International Response Technologies CowChip - Ranch House; Midwest MicroSystems Cow Sense; SAP business and customer relations management software
  • Map creation software — Geographic resources analysis support system GRASS; Global Mapper Software Global Mapper; MapInfo; Trimble AgGPS EZ-Map
  • Presentation software — Microsoft PowerPoint Hot technology

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